• Using Sketch, lighting can now flow with the same grace as lines emanate from a pencil. Circles, softly rounded rectangles, simple arcs, and sinuous forms – all are possible with Sketch. Read More

  • The BS100LED GEN.3 is an evolution of our standard linear fluorescent BS100 model, featuring the same housing and tool-less design upgraded! Read More

  • E1-I Linear enables lines of light to be created with a microshape without sacrificing performance. Read More

  • From local to major roadways, the GE Evolve™ LED Roadway Scalable Cobrahead fixtures are changing the way you light your lanes. Read More

  • Today’s healthcare industry demands quality, aesthetics, and efficiency in lighting. H.E. Williams, Inc. meets these demands with more than 800 fixtures in three complete and varied product lines. Read More

  • With the diminutive 2-inch Aculux LED precision luminaire you can have all the performance of a conventional 6-inch luminaire … and more. This discreet, aesthetically stunning package delivers up to 1,000 lumens of high-precision downlighting, wall washing, or adjustable accent lighting. Read More

  • The Integrated Room Control (IRC) Lighting Controller is a Decora® device for controlling non-dimmable and dimmable luminaries connected to the IRC Controller. Read More

  • Featuring LSI’s high-performance LED optical system, the Constitution is designed for illuminating pathways, walkway areas and campus sites.   Read More

  • Pinnacle Architectural Lighting's Linero family combines unique lens aesthetics, an ultra slim profile and a high performance fixture. Linero offers 3 distinct designs - Linero 6, Linero Curved 6 and Linero 8. Read More  

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For over 20 years, we have provided solutions to architects, design engineers, electrical contractors, and distributors with access to over 100,000 products.

CLR’s experience in solving complex lighting problems has earned us the reputation of being the industry standard in support, service and selection. Our success is defined by the success of our customers.

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4Stimulus Controls – How to decide which one? - Someone once said to me that a company may date the lighting manufacturers but they ultimately marry the controls company. That may be a bit of an overstatement, but like many things in life there is an element of truth. Controls will be the piece that customers interact with on a daily basis, so it’s  ...read more...

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